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There are a number of requirements to be taken into consideration when applying for Social Security Disability.

Social Security is for total disability

Social Security only pays for total disability, and not partial disability.

Many people hold back on filing for Social Security because they are unsure they meet

the requirements. Learn more about what the requirements for being accepted for

Social Security are.

This needs to be taken into consideration when applying.

The general requirements for SSD are:

• You are unable to do the work you did before the disability

• You have worked and have paid into Social Security, and have earned the proper

  amount of work credits

• The Social Security Administration has made the determination that you cannot adjust

  to other forms of work because of your condition

• Your disability has lasted at least one consecutive year, or is expected to result in

  at least on year of debilitation or death


If you have a child with a disability, once they turn 18, they are eligible for benefits of their own. Your child can receive benefits if the following conditions apply:

• The impairment causing disability must have been present before age 22

• All disability definitions for adults must be met

• One parent must be disabled, deceased, or retired

Don't hesitate to file because you're unsure of the requirements - contact us today to learn more information about if you meet the requirements or not.


Let us help your sort through the confusion of filing for

Social Security Disability